Black Friday: the story behind the ultimate shopping day

Discounted prices and unmissable offers: Black Friday has long become one of the most anticipated moments of the year.
Thousands of people are rushing to department stores and online sites to quickly grab the goods on sale.
What was supposed to be a single day of discounts, has turned in some cases, into a real Black Month.
Many commercial chains anticipate this day of sales and prolong it throughout the month of November.
However, the date to be marked in the calendar for this 2021 is the 26th of November. This is the Friday following the Thanksgiving in the USA, which is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of November.

November 26 - Black Friday 2021
November 26 – Black Friday 2021

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

But let’s take a step back… where does Black Friday originate from?
It all began on November 24, 1924, when Macy’s celebrated its first Thanksgiving Day parade.
The following day, to begin Christmas shopping, unprecedented discounts were placed in the mall, which attracted a large number of people.

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Macy’s crowded shopping mall
Macy’s crowded shopping mall

Despite the idea was copied from other stores, it did not immediately have a great response.
It was only in the ’80s that a decisive explosion occurred and made Black Friday the American national event we know today.

People waiting outside a store in the 80s
People waiting outside a store in the 80s

Why the name Black Friday?

But why this name? The most accredited theories are mainly two.
The first concerns the commercial side. In the past, trading records were compiled by hand with two different inks: red for losses and black for gains.
It seems that after Thanksgiving the books began to turn black, indicating a growth of profits.

The other theory associates the black color attributed to Friday, with the traffic caused by the thousands of people who poured on the roads to take advantage of the unmissable offers.
The first time it was used in 1961 in Philadelphia, when due to incredible discounts of up to 80%, the flow of people was so high that it caused a lot of traffic and many inconveniences.

Large traffic due to Black Friday shopping sales
Large traffic due to shopping sales

For “Black Friday” was also indicated the day on which many employees called in sick to have a day off to storm the shops and grab discounted products, and to enjoy of the so-called “long weekend” from Thursday to Sunday.

The luck of Black Friday

To conclude, the phenomenon of Black Friday has gradually spread throughout the world.
But it is in the United States that it is lived with more emphasis.
Some companies even give a day off to their employees to give them the opportunity to make purchases.
Without a doubt, Black Friday has become the central event in terms of strategic planning of commercial companies. In 2020, unprecedented results occurred in the United States, with an online expenditure of 9 billion dollars.

Crowded shopping mall for christmas shopping
Crowded shopping mall for christmas shopping

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