Dive in the new colourful Polaroid Eyewear Collection!

Polaroid Eyewear new collection

Polaroid has always been the brand par excellence with regard to polarized shades.
Edwin Land, inventor of the first polarized material, founded the Polaroid Company in 1937, giving life to a great corporation that, now as in the past, produces glasses well-known all over the world.
Let’s now discover together some of the new models of the new Polaroid collection 2021, in the name of colour and comfort.

Sustainable Collection

In order to make the planet bright, Polaroid has decided to create a very special collection: the sustainable collection.
Let’s have a look into one of these models, the 2109/s.
Men’s sunglasses polarized, made of eco-polyamide and plastic that comes from renewable resources.
Rectangular shape, metal temples, they are available in four different shades: black, blue, dark havana and olive green.

Polaroid sustainable collection 2021 men sunglasses

Discover the other environmentally friendly models for him and her, perfect for every face shape: round, cat-eye, rectangular and square!

If you’re looking for mirrored sunglasses, the next model is right for you.
Perfect for elegant women, it has a phantos shape and it’s made of metal and stainless steel.
Furthermore, they are available in the non-mirrored version, with gradient or solid tint burgundy, violet and grey lens.
Thanks to the functional nose pads, you will feel an incredible comfort all day.

Polaroid women sunglasses 4106/G/S

A colourful collection

Moreover, if you love wearing multicoloured fashion accessories, do not miss absolutely these new Polaroid sunglasses.
Square shape for him with a unique central bridge, and cat eye frame for her. A typical rainbow insert and a colourful animal print on temples characterize them.
They are available in different bright shades: orange, violet, light blue, green, pink. For those who want a less eccentric look, try them in dark ruthenium, black or gold.

Polaroid colour cat eye sunglasses for women
Polaroid colour square sunglasses for men

In addition, last but not least, an inevitable accessory in the wardrobe of a fashionable woman.
These trendy sunglasses give your look a glamour touch. Available in purple and pink, grey, brown, and the more stylish cat eye tansparent glasses with violet lens.

Polaroid glamour women cat eye sunglasses

However, the best seller about new Polaroid sunglasses collection are PLD 6098/S black. Perfect for men and women, are featured by round shape. Discover them now!

In brief… No more excuses! Discover the new Polaroid sunglasses collection 2021!
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