How to choose the size of glasses: the ultimate guide

Are you afraid of making a mistake in choosing the size of your glasses when you shop online? Are you the kind of buyer that goes to the store first to try them on for safety?
From now on, enough with the insecurity, comes the definitive guide on how to choose the right size for your glasses.

Where to find the measures of the glasses?

Firstly, let’s understand how to take the measurements of a pair of glasses:

  • The size is the diameter of the lenses
  • The distance between the two lenses is measured by the length of the bridge
  • The last measure to be taken into account is the length of temples.
size, bridge and temples of glasses

Well, so far everything is clear, isn’t it?
Let’s then figure out how to choose the right size for our type of face.

Best glasses according to face shape

Normally the glasses have two or three sizes, which correspond to small and large or the more classic S, M and L. This can give us a first help to understand what size we need.
What’s more, one factor that affects a lot is the shape of the face. For example, those who have an elongated face will hardly buy a pair of large glasses, as those who have a round face will not choose a pair S size glass.

different face shapes for sunglasses

However, to be on the safe side, there is a method that you can use, the so-called credit card proof.
Don’t worry, there’s nothing to pay for!
The proof of the credit card consists in taking a credit card (it is also fine an old phone card, or that of the supermarket), put it under the eye and understand if and how much stick out from the end of the eye.

the credit card proof to measure your face

Is everything clear? Great!
Now you can buy online in complete serenity the glasses that you prefer carefully choosing the most suitable size for your face, without running the risk of making mistakes.

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