Safety and Comfort with Rudy Project Helmets

For all cycling enthusiasts, Rudy Project has created for you a collection of cutting-edge helmets that will make your sports performance even more spectacular!
You just have to discover with us some of the new models perfect for both men and women.
Choose the head protector that best suits your needs, thanks to the many features available: removable visor, interchangeable padding, and much more on our online store.

At your disposal several Rudy Project helmets, each one unique, so that everyone can find the perfect item for themselves.

Rudy Project Volantis

The Rudy Project Volantis, with his round design, grants an extraordinary aerodynamic efficiency.
It is the ideal road bike helmet.
The RSR 10 system gives you the possibility to have a customized fit.
Available in four different colours: red, titanium, white and fluorescent yellow. 

Rudy Project Volantis Helmet

Rudy Project Strym

The next one is the Rudy Project Strym: simple and compact design. With 16 vent flows, it ensures a better ventilation.
Available in five colours, try the pacific blue matte with fluorescent yellow details! 

Rudy Project Strym Helmet

Rudy Project Venger and Venger Cross

Dynamic design, 22 vent flows, RSR 10 adjustable retention system…
These are the new Venger and Venger Cross helmets that guarantees comfort and safety at the same time.
Even here several colours available, but definitely not to be missed the black-red matte Venger and the blue navy-merlot Venger Cross.

Rudy Project Venger Helmet
Rudy Project Venger Cross Helmet

Rudy Project Rush

The new Rudy Rush headgear is instead equipped with the best technologies, regarding the cycling field, able to make your performances more exciting than ever.
Available in red, azure, and fluorescent yellow.

Rudy Project Rush Helmet red
Rudy Project Rush Helmet azure
Rudy Project Rush Helmet fluorescent yellow

Rudy Project Racemaster and Protera+

For men and women who are searching for Mips helmets, Racemaster and Protera+ are right for you.
The first one is characterized by the Hexocrush technology that ensures more safety and absolute comfort.
The second one, a typical MTB helmet, provides greater safety in the back of the head; it also has a wide visor that ensures you more protection from sunlight and atmospheric elements.

Rudy Project Racemaster Helmet
Rudy Project Protera+ Helmet

Rudy Project Boost Pro

The innovative Boost Pro is a total revolution in the field of sports helmets.
Thanks to the removable covers, that allow you to adjust the ventilation, choosing an open or closed configuration, it is the only one able to elevate the aerodynamic performance.

Rudy Project Boost Pro Helmet

Rudy Project Spectrum

If you didn’t know, Rudy Project and the Bahrain Mclaren team signed a collaboration until 2023.
With the team’s motifs and colors, so black and papaya, these sunglasses are perfect for ambitious sportsmen.
The Rudy Project Spectrum have large air intakes, RSR system anti-slipping off and two reflective adhesives at the rear for greater visibility.
They are synonymous with performance and style.
Available in fluorescent yellow – black (matte), red – black (matte – shiny), black – bronze (matte), white – black (matte), and titanium Stealth (matte).

Rudy Project Spectrum Helmet

Rudy Project for Kids

Rudy Project didn’t just think about adults… Here the best kids bike helmets.
Available in two size S and M, and three shades, purple-white, black-red and blue-orange, Rocky head protectors are ideal for children who want to ride safe and fun.

Rudy Project Rocky Helmet

Rudy Project Sunglasses

For extra comfort, do not miss Rudy Project cycling sunglasses.
Available for you a wide variety of frame shapes: aviator, rectangular, round, square… and numerous shiny colours. Try the new Spinshield Sunglasses Black Matte-Rp Optics Multilaser Red!

Rudy Project Spinshield Sunglasses

On our site you will find the best bike helmets and sunglasses.
Take a look, choose your favorite, and elevate your performances!

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